Welcome to London’s Unique Indian Dining Experience Located in the heart of one of London’s prestigious hidden gems “St Katharine Docks”. Serves traditional & contemporary Indian cuisine from North & South India, from Curries to Tandoori clay oven baked delights. Including a delicious variety of seafood dishes within our menu. And also a generous array of fine wines from all over the globe to compliment the diverse flavours of our cuisine. With seating capacity of 160 plus, the ambience of our restaurant is welcoming and relaxing, surrounded with antiques, paintings & murals from historic palaces around India, which gives you the atmospheric feeling that you are actually there. And adding to the ambience, the impressive and beautiful view of the St Katharine Docks marina can be seen from anywhere in the restaurant.

St Katharine Docks

London’s hidden gem

The Docks are built on a site with over 1000 years of dramatic history. The roots of the buildings on today’s site can be traced back to the 10th Century when King Edgar gave 13 acres of land to 13 Knights, with the right to use the land for trade. There is evidence of there having been a dock at St Katharine’s since 1125 and throughout the ages it has housed a Hospital and Monastery. The first use of the name St Katharine Docks has been traced back to Elizabethan times, when the area around the hospital was thriving with busy wharves. By the end of the 18th Century, St. Katharine’s was a prosperous settlement with its own court, school and alms houses along with the hospital the area housed around 3000 people. However, the Industrial Revolution came to London, and the River Thames became a super-highway for the rapidly growing city. London’s existing docks could not handle the amount of trade and Parliament authorised the construction of new, purpose built docks and therefore gained a reputation for handling valuable cargo from Europe, the West Indies, Africa and the Far East such as sugar, rum, tea, spices, perfumes, ivory, shells, marble, indigo, wine and brandy and the docks thrived with bustle and commerce.

181 years on from it’s opening as a busy industrial site, at first glance St Katharine Docks has developed into a haven of tranquillity, nestled in the heart of the City of London. The Marina houses up to 200 luxury yachts and historic barges and bespoke luxury apartments. You don’t necessarily need to be a boat owner to enjoy the picturesque setting of St Katharine’s. Situated next to The Tower of London, and immediately next to the beautiful Tower Bridge, visitors are welcome to enjoy the stunning views of the River Thames, saunter along the docks and enjoy the fantastic waterside restaurants, shops and cafes. Even watching the boats lock in on a daily basis is an experience, and regularly attracts a small crowd.




We can cater for any of your social occasions, in house or at a location of your choice.

Be it weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings, or may be a product launch, all conducted in a professional first class standard, serving the finest quality cuisine.

What ever your event, it will uniquely be tailored to your satisfaction Entertainers, Professional D jay with state of the art equipment and photographers available Please call Vinnie Sandhu (Events Organiser) for more info on 0207 480 6356 or 07940333565



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